The story

Hello all.

I am Lee, founder of the Zero Hero Strategy and the Pip Hunter.

But probably better known as “Uncle Lee” in a couple relative large Telegram groups.

I have been using Agimat® for the last 3 years. I have had so many reply how much they enjoy Agimat® and it’s simplicity as well as the good results they have shown over the years.

That being said, after a while I saw certain patterns that were always repeating themselves when a strong reversal trade came along. I soon made what’s called the “4 Confirmations” method, using pure Agimat® charts. It is a solid common sense way to assess a trade to help decide whether to enter or not.

Months later I saw a new “pattern”, one where I noticed when price dipped below or above the zero line of the Agimat® Maxwell Equation indicator, you would get a consistent and repeatable price movement. So after a few months of testing, I made what’s called the Zero Hero Method.
A very simple, but very effective way to look at trade reversals using just 2 simple crossing MA’s and of course the Maxwell’s Zero point.
The Zero Hero method has been documented and shared among the members of the Agimat Telegram groups and has by far become the most used trading strategy. Members are frequently and consistently reporting very good results using the strategy.

Based on the success of the Zero Hero strategy, I thought I would take it one step further and make it even easier to find, analyze and trade the strategy. I’m happy to introduce and release a scanner that hunts down and alerts us to very good Zero Hero set ups. As we all hunt for pips every chance we get, I thought Uncle Lee’s Pip Hunter would fit the bill easily.

The expert coder that created it, has it packed with features and options that will allow you to tailor the setup to your trading preferences and style. It is a stand alone system, there is no need to have or own the Agimat FX®.

You can set it up to scan your favorite Time Frames and Symbols, it will not only display and alert you on signals, it will also give you a prediction or approximation of pips that can be made.

You’re able to set it up with the default scan options which enable it to find Zero Hero setup’s without having the Agimat FX® installed.

The Pip Hunter comes with a built in “Pips O Meter” that at a glance will provide you trade information as how many pips in profit your trade is running, distance to your Stop Loss, remaining time on the candle and spread meter.
You‘re able to tailor the scan template to your preferences, you can even have it to open signals in your favorite trading template.

The Pip Hunter will not slow down your trade platform or PC, no matter how many pairs or Time Frames you decide to scan, if you’re able to run the Agimat® system on your trade computer, you can be certain that the Pip Hunter will run flawlessly.

Early test results with the Pip Hunter has been very promising, testers have reported 300 to 500 pips per week with it’s help!
Its highly accurate and a great addition to the already proven, popular and profitable Zero Hero strategy.

I do encourage you take a look at it, use it as a great way to give you that extra “Edge” that any trader could use and take advantage of. It’s very exciting, and i‘m very excited to promote this new addition to all my fellow traders.
I hope you will enjoy it and report your many wins and profits as you go along in our Telegram groups.

Thank you and best regards
Lee (Uncle Lee)