100% standalone system

Uncle Lee’s Pip Hunter is a 100% complete standalone system. It is based on a proven scalping strategy that with the addition of added filters can also be used for Swing and Trend trading.
It’s key feature is the scanner function, whereby you no longer need to spend time learning the strategy nor look
through your favorite instruments and time frames to find the signals.
It comes bundled with templates and indicators needed to perform your analysis and trade decisions.

Community and support

There are no limits to the amount of support and
assistance provided with the Uncle Lee’s Pip Hunter.
We have a couple of large Telegram groups where
there’s always some experienced people online and willing
to give a helping hand.
On the web page you have access to both a support and
contact links in case of either technical issues or you just want to enquire information.
In addition we’ve prepared a comprehensive set of user
documentation and guides, along with YouTube videos on how to use the product.

Customization and flexibility

We all have our own unique way of trading, with
that in mind we created the system with a level of
flexibility rarely seen in any other system.
The level of customization and flexibility with the system
is almost endless.
You are not only able to define your own color scheme,
adding your own indicators, but can open signals in your
favorite templates.
You are also able to filter your signals to your preferred trade style, no matter if you scalp, swing or trend trade.

Trading with the system

Despite the scanner, filters and supporting indicators, it remains a manual trade system.
The system will provide you with potential setup’s (signals)
and with the provided templates you can make
your own analysis and trade decisions.
The system was initially designed for scalping and proven
very efficient. With that high efficiency we added swing
and trend filters, which not only improve the quality of the signals for scalping, but enable us to use the same signals for Swing and Trend trading.

In addition, we have included a couple of Exit EA’s to make the user experience even better, the Exit EA’s are intended mostly for Swing and Trend traders, but can be used in many other trade styles as well.