Q: Can I run the Pip Hunter without Agimat?

A: Yes, the Pip Hunter can run as a standalone system, you do not need the Agimat system.
However, if you want to utilize all the features in the Pip Hunter, it is recommended to use it in combination with the Agimat system.

Q: What are the computer requirements to run the Pip Hunter?

A: We recommend as a bare minimum a Dual Core (3GHz) CPU and 4GB of RAM, running on a Windows 7 or later, Mac OSX with Bootcamp, VMware Fusion or Parallels.

Q: Where can I get support or help with questions or problems?

A: On the product web page (https://uncleleespiphunter.com/) there are two sections for support and contact. You can also use the Agimat or TDI Telegram groups, by either posting a question in the open forum or contact one of the group admins.

Q: Will I get free updates with the product?

A: Yes, when there is a feature or function update to the product an update will be released and available from the same download link you received when you purchased the product.
Keep an eye out in the telegram groups (Agimat and TDI) as well as on the product web page (https://uncleleespiphunter.com/)

Q: What is Uncle Lee’s Pip Hunter?

A: It is a scanner that will notify and alert you whenever there is a setup based on the Zero Hero strategy.

Q: Can I get a limited demo version so I can try it before I purchase?

A: No, as the Pip Hunter is based on a proven Zero Hero strategy, you can test (for free) the strategy and based on that evaluate if the scanning feature provided in the Pip Hunter is what you’re looking for.
There will not be any trial or demo versions of the Pip Hunter.

Q: Can I backtest the Pip Hunter?

A: No, the scanning function in the Pip Hunter does not work on historic data.

Q: Can I use it on other pairs and TF’s than the default settings?

A: Yes, you can add any instrument and TF you like.
Note, based on the Zero Hero strategy the recommended TF’s are H4 and Daily, some have reported success on H1 and lower, but it is really up to you to test and conclude which TF is better suited to your style of trading.
The Zero Hero method is based on FX majors and minors only, results on any other instruments might be different, test before going on live account.

Q: My broker uses a suffix, can I still use the Pip Hunter?

A: Yes, but you need to update the pair selection with the brokers suffix, see the guide for more information.

Q: Can I use it on different broker accounts, or other MT4 installations?

A: Yes, you can install the Pip Hunter on as many MT4 and/or broker accounts as you please, but you can only run the Pip Hunter in one MT4 at a time.

Q: The ZHM “zero line” is not sitting at zero.

A: The ZHM uses different algorithm than Agimat MEQ, and therefore it’s scale is not -100…0…100 (but the basic principle is the same).

Q: The text in the signal box is very big, cant see all of it, what do I do?

A: It is a scaling issue, occurs either at a very low or very high screen resolution.
You need to adjust either the Windows or MT4 scaling to make it visible …. It is not something that can be corrected in the Pip Hunter.

Q: Can I use additional indicators with the Pip Hunter?

A: Yes, you can add any indicator you like, to make your analysis and entry requirement easier.
Just don’t remove any of the default indicators in the system.

Q: Can I change the colors and size of the chart elements?

A: Yes, you can use your own color scheme as you please.

Q: Can I change the default settings in the Pip Hunter?

A: Yes, there are lots of options in the Pip Hunter to tailor the charts and scan options, see the guide for more information.